Your Next Cue Custom Pool Cues for serious players
Our small business started like many do, with a passion for our sport, playing pool, and the desire to learn everything we could about the game and the equipment. We are still learning and still loving the game! Although we have tried many brands of production cues and quite a few custom cues, the cues that we are most confident in for quality, consistency, playability, and visual appeal are custom cues by Ariel Carmeli.  Ariel Carmeli is known worldwide for producing a limited number of high quality cues each year.  We are working directly with Ariel to bring our customers a selection of cues based on their wish lists and feedback. We can also work with you on custom designs if you don't see the perfect cue here.  Please use the contact form if you want to discuss options. 
You may ask why go through us rather than contacting the cue maker directly? As you can imagine custom cue makers spend a lot of time in the shop concentrating on their trade. That is their passion. By fielding calls and questions we can help you design a perfect cue and save the cue maker a lot of time to continue working. We can also combine orders in small batches that can be made together, saving time from the long waits you may experience when ordering one at a time from a custom cue maker.